Car Hire Menorca Cala Galdana


Located on the central south coast of Menorca, Cala Galdana is a popular resort around 35km to the west of Mahon, the capital, and the airport. However, owing to the condition of roads, it can often take around 45 minutes to reach the resort by coach transfer.

Although it may be a little challenging getting to the resort unless it has been accounted for within a package holiday or if a taxi has been pre-booked for the journey, once you actually get there, you will find a very well maintained and organised public transport network. Not only is there a mini train that goes around the resort, but for journeys outside it’s parameter, a bus service is available, running at frequent intervals, often on the hour. Bus timings can be found on the internet or at bus stops themselves.

Upon reaching the resort, it is easy to make a journey to Mahon or to Ciutadella in the west using public transport, although prior planning is recommended. You can take a bus into the town of Ferreries via a 15 minute journey, which runs at least 10 times a day. Further connections can then be made from here.

Cala Galdana is shaped almost precisely as a horse shoe, surrounded by cliffs covered with pines. It is thought by many to be the most stunning part of the island. It is possible to get some astounding views of the cliffs over the bay, although this varies with the position of your accommodation. Those with children or mobility issues should remember that there may be some steep steps on the way to the beach and so they should assess all aspects of their accommodation before booking.

The beach itself is beautiful and clean, with fine sand and shallow water, making it very family friendly. Just nearby, among the pine trees is a perfect spot for picnics and many residents from nearby towns often find their way here in the summer months to spend some quality time with the family in this natural atmosphere. There are facilities for the hiring of equipment for those interested in participating in water sports.

The Algendar is the river that splits the town into two, stretching quite far inland, an additional feature of the resort. In fact, there are some caves along the walls of the ravine, and this area is under environment protection by the government to prevent future development from ruining its environmental specialty.