Car Hire Menorca Cala N Bosch


Cala’n Bosch is a relatively new resort located on the south west coast of Menorca, 56km to the west of Mahon.

Although it may be a little challenging getting to the resort unless it has been accounted for within a package holiday or if a taxi has been pre-booked for the journey, once you actually get there, you will find a very well maintained and organised public transport network. Not only is there a mini train that goes around the resort, but for journeys outside it’s parameter, a bus service is available, running at frequent intervals, often on the hour. Bus timings can be found on the internet or at bus stops themselves.

This resort is quite modern, and was only constructed in the late 1980s. It is especially recommended for family holidays given the type of accommodation is mostly self catered or private villas.

The greatest attraction at the resort is its extensive marina which is man-made. Here you will find a variety of yachts as well as other leisurely mobiles. This part of the resort is particularly busy and vibrant in the evenings when a somewhat crafty market is presented by traders, with outlets that have unique offerings such as henna tattoos and hair braiding. Also special are the stalls of artists who draw portraits in a few minutes time, and local crafts are also sold in abundance here.

It is around the marina that a range of bars and restaurants are located, so it is a great spot to have a drink, some fast food, or a fancy seafood meal.

The resort is a favourite of the British, which explains why many UK based goods can be found here, at a slightly higher price. It is the summer months when the resort is brimming with life, and the rest of the year is nothing but peace and quiet with a very limited population.

Cala’n Bosch has access to two sandy beaches which have reasonable facilities. It is possible to hire the majority of water sports equipment on location, and sometimes, it is also a great idea to get some tuition in the likes of windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing etc if you are a beginner keen on improving.

The majority of entertainment in the evenings is limited to hotel facilities with the exception of some music bars which are based around the marina. There are no clubs at present, but this is common to most of the resorts located on this Spanish island.