Car Hire Menorca Cala'n Porter


The Cala’n Porter resort is located on the central south coast of Menorca. It is incredibly close to the airport compared to other resorts, being 12km in distance and a journey to the resort normally does not take more than 15 minutes.

Although it may be a little challenging getting to the resort unless it has been accounted for within a package holiday or if a taxi has been pre-booked for the journey, once you actually get there, you will find a very well maintained and organised public transport network. Not only is there a mini train that goes around the resort, but for journeys outside it’s parameter, a bus service is available, running at frequent intervals, often on the hour. Bus timings can be found on the internet or at bus stops themselves.

Upon reaching your accommodation, you can use the public transport system to travel back to Mahon for purposes of sightseeing or shopping. There are normally 5-6 buses running in a day during the summer months to Mahon, from where further connections can be made with ease.

The resort itself is located among some high cliffs which look over the beach and the bay. It is possible to walk the distance although there are many steps on the way. An alternative is to take the mini train, but this can be costly for long family holidays. The beach itself is extensive and is surrounded by cliffs on three sides meaning it captures most of the sun’s heat. Another interesting feature is the marshland behind the beach, which is full of ducks and especially amusing for children, but do be wary of the reed beds which can be quite dangerous for the unsupervised young ones!

The atmosphere at the resort is very vibrant on the whole. Evening entertainment is often restricted to facilities provided by hotels, although it is always an option to go to one of the few music bars open in the summer months for visitors where socialising is primal. There is also a late night disco in the nearby area of Cova d’en Xoroi.

Much of the accommodation includes private villas and self-catering apartments although hotels are available. The density of British travellers has led to the setting up of numerous supermarkets selling UK branded items, although they are priced considerably higher.

It is possible to see the highest point of island Mount Toro from the resort, as well as the Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu del Toro, which dates back to the 17th century.