Car Hire Menorca Playa Cala Blanca


Cala Blanca is a recent addition to the many resorts on the Menorcan coast, this being located on the west. It is around 50 km to the west of Mahon and the nearest airport.

This resort is extremely modern, only being constructed in the 1990s to meet the high accommodation demand on the island. The majority of the accommodation is self-catered apartments or private villas, but there are a couple of hotels for those looking for a bit more luxury.

It is not a very convenient journey to the resort from the airport and it can take around 50 minutes. The opening of the RC-2 bypass has eased this problem to some extent. The roads have also been renumbered by the government in recent times so it is advised that you take an updated map to avoid any difficulties in reaching your destination. This is mostly applicable to independent visitors who do not have package holidays offering resort transfer facilities. A fixed cost taxi can be booked from the airport or pre-booked before arrival.

Upon reaching your accommodation, you will find the public transport system is well arranged and convenient to use. Local trips around the resort can be made on the mini trains which run throughout the day and early evenings. A bus service is also operated on the west coast where journeys can be made every hour or so. Updated details on bus times can be found on the bus stops themselves but a rough guideline can be found on the internet.

The town has been expanding since it was first formed in the 1990s and is now more than just a few houses along the beach strip. At Cala Blanca resort, you will find two small beaches with fine sand and a neat atmosphere. They tend to be quite busy in the summer months because they are quite close to neighbouring resorts. However, it is a great place to take part in some water sports and a range of equipment is available to hire for those who do not have their own.

There is a well-maintained shopping area in the centre of round near Maribel. Here you can find a great variety of souvenir shops as well as restaurants for a nice meal out. Moreover, it is possible to get most UK branded items from some shops mostly because of the high density of British visitors in the summer months. They are, however, high-priced items but save the hassle of travelling into the city to make your purchases.

Entertainment is mostly restricted to hotel-based services but there is the one disco and a few music bars where people get together to socialise and make the most of their time away from home.