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Menorca San Jaime

San Jamie is a resort located on the south coast of Menorca, at a 30 minute drive from the Mahon Airport. The journey to the resort is a great way of exploring the life of Menorca on its own, as it goes through the country side as well as the market town of Alaoir before moving towards the coastal area of Son Bou.

Son Bou is considered the best among Menorcan beaches, and has the longest strip, spreading out over 2 km and providing plenty of opportunities for family visits as well as water sports. A flag system is operated to mark the potential danger of the water as there are times when the currents can be extremely strong.

Behind this beach and extending all the way to the hill above is the beach of San Jaime, with the area mostly characterised by privately owned villas. The purpose behind the construction of San Jaime was to develop a family-friendly area, which caters to the needs of families going on holiday together. This explains why it is reasonably endowed with supermarkets and shops, restaurants, chemists and the famous club known by the name of San Jaime, which has an interesting décor in the form of small water chutes. At the western end of San Jaime is another residential area called Torre Soli Nou. It is considered a long walk to the beach by some, and the commercial areas are not in great proximity either, but large holiday packages often include a transportation aspect which means there is not much to worry about.

It is also a convenient option to visit the beach of Son Bou at times to take advantage of the many beach bars that operate in the area. It is also particularly a favourite of the naturists but they tend to restrict themselves to the less populated areas of the beach.

Many entertainment options are available on the eastern end in the form of bars and eateries, both posh and budget, as well as live shows, designer outlets and a medical centre.

Menorca Son Xoriguer

Son Xoriguer is a beautiful resort located in the western side of the island of Menorca, some 9km from Ciudadella. It is adjacent to the popular resort of Cala En Bosc at the south-western end. The estimated time of transfer from the airport at Mahon is 50 minutes, keeping in view the type of roads that have to be encountered on the way. This resort is generally a preference of older couples and families, owing to its calm ambience which allows for a relaxing time on holiday.

Son Xoriguer is characterised by two beaches, which are extremely suitable for water sports. In fact, it is possible to get a great range of lessons in the likes of windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving in one of many training courses on the location. Thus not only can you enjoy the leisurely aspect of your holiday, but learn a new skill or two while you’re at it. The Blue Flag beach is a small beach at the resort where a large water sports centre has been established.

Son Xoriguer has a few shops in the little shopping centre, but don’t let this put you off as some great shopping opportunities are present in the very close resort of Cala En Bosch, only 1km away. Moreover, buses run on a regular basis to Ciudadella where a weekly market is also held in addition to existing shopping features. There are quite a few restaurants and snack bars in the resort of San Xoriguer as well, where some great Menorcan food can be enjoyed.

There is a mini-train which operates a few times a day, running to and from Son Xoriguer.

Only 1km away from the resort is the Aquarock Menorca, which is an entertainment setup based mainly around water rides. Aside from the much loved kamikaze slide, there are other attractions particularly enjoyed by families. These include mini golf, trampolines and a go-karting court.

Also make sure you visit the Museu Municipal de Ciutadella, which was first structured to be a fortress and then converted into a museum in the 1990s. This museum covers an extensive historical period, ranging from the Pre-Talaiotic to the Muslim era. You can find everything from jewellery to Roman coins and skulls of ancient ages.

Coves Noves

Coves Noves is located towards the North coast of Menorca, adjacent to the beach of Arenal d’en Castell. It is maily recognised as an elite residential estate, completely equipped with everything modern, and a broad range of services that are essentially required by the grand housing developments of today. Coves Noves has its very own shopping centre as well as a private club which is exclusively set up for the residents of the estate itself. The views from the estate are breath-taking, with the sea being at such a close proximity.

The estate generally comprises of a blend of properties such as privately-owned villas as well as small complexes and holiday homes. It is particularly preferred for older people, as well as couples and families, given the prestige of the place. Some of the apartments have their own refreshment/shopping areas where you can relax at the bar or get a small meal when cooking isn’t on the agenda. Also, there are quite a few amenities for children, with a play area comprising of inflatable toys and furniture, go-karting, as well as mini-golf and trampolines, all in close proximity of the many apartments and residences in the area. Pricing is considered as reasonable by the majority of residents. Additionally, there is also a children’s ‘train’ which begins its journey at Arenal and passes through Coves Noves, all the way to Na Macaret and then makes the journey back. This is something adults tend to enjoy as well.

Another striking feature of Coves Noves is its immense tennis club which is a huge complex allowing for courts to be hired by residents and visitors alike. The facilities provided here are very well maintained and organised meaning you get value-for-money and a great source of entertainment so close to your doorstep.

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